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Find and print rental invoices and fines

Using the following forms you can search for an invoice relating to rentals you have made, or the original documentation of a fine received by Maggiore together with the handling charge for re-notifying it to you.


This section does not allow the online search of the bills for corporate clients. If you are a corporate client and you need to search for your bills, get access to the reserved area and research your bills in the section.

You can search online for the following: 


- If you have received an email or a text message, your invoice will be available from the day after the car rental closing date, otherwise you must wait 7 days from the return date of the rented vehicle, before requesting a copy of the invoice. Please note that invoices are available up to one year from the date of issue.


- Rentals that were paid in cash or by credit card, except for rentals begun in Sardinia or at franchised offices (those whose office code begin with the letter H).


- If the rental initiated at an office in Sardinia the invoice must be requested by email from: ufficiofatturazione@masterent.it.


- If the rental initiated at a franchise office, the invoice must be requested directly from that office.


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